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A cold morning, large hail, and damaging wind

Almanac 18 June 2014 Click on image for a larger view
Almanac 18 June 2014 Click on image for a larger view
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

A cold morning, large hail, and damaging wind top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service archives here events that happened on June 18.

1908 - A severe thunderstorm hit Ironwood with hailstones 4 inches in circumference (grape fruit sized) accompanied by torrential rain. Driven by high winds, the hail damaged many windows in the city. In all cases, the damage was the worst on west and north sides of buildings facing the storm's prevailing wind. With windows broken, rain damaged the interiors of homes. There were also some shade trees uprooted or broken.

1976 - Three tornadoes cause minor damage across Lower Michigan. The first tornado moved northwest of Lansing, damaging a house and destroying a barn and shed. Another tornado blew down barns near Reese in Saginaw County. The final tornado destroyed a barn and damaged a garage in Gladwin County, north of Edenville.

1994 - An early season heat wave peaked with temperatures in the mid and upper 90s across the region. The temperature hit 98° at Lansing, 96° at Grand Rapids, 91° at Muskegon, 99° at Detroit, 97° at Flint, and 97° at Houghton Lake.

1995 - A record high temperature of 96° and a warm record high low temperature of 72° was set at Weather Forecast Office in Marquette.

1999 – This is a cold morning across Lower Michigan with new record lows set for several cities. Muskegon dips to 41°, Lansing 37° and Flint 41°.

2000 - A large tree limb 12 inches in diameter went down during a severe thunderstorm in Marquette in the late afternoon.

2007 - Severe thunderstorms produced damaging wind gusts across portions of west and central Upper Michigan in the afternoon and evening. Several trees down along old M-28 1 mile east of Covington in the late afternoon with wind gusts up to 63 mph. Two to three trees downed in Norway in the late afternoon. Five large trees blown down on old US-2 1 mile east of Marenisco in the mid afternoon. Several trees were blown down in Crystal Falls. Several four-inch diameter pine tree branches snapped a quarter mile north of town on County Road 601 in Republic. Nine-inch diameter birch tree snapped approximately 20 feet from the base and multiple four-inch diameter trees and branches down 3 miles north of Menominee. One tree down on Triangle Lake 2 miles west of Steuben.

2010 - Two rounds of severe weather raced across Southern Lower Michigan, one in the morning and one in the early evening. Both concentrated the severe weather mainly along and south of I-94. Wind was the primary threat from these storms. Numerous trees and power lines came down as the wind gusted to over 70mph. Read more about the events of this day here: Friday severe weather recap.

2012 - A warm front allowed warm and moist air to surge north into Northern Michigan. Initial thunderstorms developed in Eastern Upper Michigan in the afternoon; some of these produced large hail. 1.75 inch hail (golf ball sized) fell in Rudyard in Chippewa County. Golf ball sized hail (1.75 inch) was reported seven miles northwest of Escanaba. Intense thunderstorms dropped one to two inches of rainfall over many locations in Delta County on the afternoon of the 18th. The heavy rainfall caused standing water of one to two feet deep on U.S Highway 41 in Escanaba. Large hail was reported on the north side of Gladstone with hail up to 2 inches in diameter (hen egg sized). Most hail stones were dime to quarter sized. The Spincich Lake RAWS site measured 1.64 inches of rainfall. The spotter near Birch Creek measured 1.75 inches of rainfall over mainly a two-hour period. The spotter four miles west of Gulliver measured 1.90 inches of storm total rainfall. Hail measured at 1.5 inches in diameter (ping pong ball sized) fell at the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse.

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