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A closer look at the news: What can we believe?

A closer look at the news: What can we believe?

How important is it to realize that each story we consume in media is only one of an infinite number of ways to tell that same story? The IHC’s The Public Square and WBEZ’s Curious City are teaming up to explore this question on Thursday, February 6, from 5:30 -7:30 p.m. in the WBEZ Community Room.

Curious City is a news program at WBEZ that tracks down the best answers to questions submitted by curious citizens. A recent question asked to Curious City was: How Will Climate Change Impact Chicago? The Raw Report will be a live experiment in media making, as a panel of experts will answer this question in front of a live audience.

Teams of young journalists will interpret that answer, create their own original media pieces real time, and report back to the audience about their findings in a discussion moderated by the Chicago Sun-Times’ Laura Washington. Will their reports differ, and if so, why? Will they fully represent the answers the audience heard? What can we learn from the challenges of the journalistic process by experiencing it together? The results will be shared in a future WBEZ segment.

The event is part of the IHC’s program, The Public Square, which fosters debate, dialogue, and exchange of ideas about cultural, social, and political issues with an emphasis on social justice. Although this event is free and open to the public, reservations are required.