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A close battle between Sarah Geronimo & Kathryn Bernardo in a fashion poll

Sarah Geronimo, Kathryn Bernardo
Sarah Geronimo, Kathryn Bernardo

Popsters and KathNiel are now battling for truth. They are showing their support for Sarah Geronimo and Kathryn Bernardo, two of the most popular Filipino celebrities in the industry today. In a survey being conducted by this evening, Aug. 26, 2014 (Manila time) or this morning, Aug. 26, 2014 (U.S. time) the fans and supporters of Sarah Geronimo confirmed that their idol is wearing white better than Kathryn Bernardo.

Based on the latest and official result of a survey, the pop star got 8,240 votes or 52.51% while the teen queen is still struggling with her 7,451 votes or 47.49%. Both Sarah and Kathryn are in the backyard of ABS-CBN. They are considered brilliant actresses in their generation because of their blockbuster movies, concerts, TV appearances. These are the reasons why their fans and supporters are very much eager to get to know them better.

Both of them came from nothing, but look at them right now, they can get and buy what they want and that bis because of their hard work and dedication in their craft. On heart matters, Sarah Geronimo is very much in love with Matteo Guidicelli while Kathryn Bernardo is still hesitant to say something about her rumored relationship with Daniel Padilla.

Some observers claim that she is also in love with him, but like what she said in her previous interviews, she is still weighing her feelings for the teen king. Meanwhile, a report from Star Cinema’s blog site is saying that Kathryn is also venturing into recording; according to Star Cinema, Kathryn is now recording her debut album a month after she launched her first single titled “Ikaw Na Nga Yata.”