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A Cleansing Rain

A Cleansing Rain
A Cleansing Rain
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Whenever it rained, whether it was light drizzle or a thunderous storm, a late friend of mine would say that it's a cleansing rain. We would all laugh at him, of course, since we were all too busy dodging the raindrops as we scurried through our busy lives, much too busy to be hindered by some intruding rain. How dare it rain on our daily parade. But, in, hindsight, he was so right.
The simple miracle (is any miracle simple?) of water falling from the sky has been interpreted in many way in cultures all over the world. Some view it as a nourishing gift from the Deities. Others see it as a symbol of emotional cleansing, representing the unending union between Earth and Sky. And today, we often view it as an annoyance.
But why fight it? Rainy days can also be interpreted as a signal to slow down and contemplate life and recharge. Think about what happens during a rain. Mother Nature darkens the sky, freshly opened flower buds close and animals settle in to their nests for a period of rest. We should do likewise and honor the day by slowing down and appreciating our connection to nature.
On rainy days, fill your home with light, sound and comfort. Fully appreciate being snug and dry during a downpour. Follow the storms lead by changing the energy in the air. Burn some incense or sage. Light candles. Listen to some music. Be grateful for the protection your shelter provides.
Feel shut-in not being able to safely venture out due to the weather? Try clearing away any negative energy by clearing out any clutter, sweeping away dust and just freshening up the area. The rain shower wil be beautiful and wondrous if you are happy.
Take that perceived negative once again and flip it, looking for the positives. After all, why not make the best of it, you cannot stop the rain, or can you?

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