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A Clayton County charter school on course for a top-notch education

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The summer is normally a time for students, faculty, staff, and administration to take a breather from the rigors of the school year. Some are on vacation, working, and a few may take summer classes, but typically, it is a milder time of the year.

And then, there's a school in Clayton County that is gearing up for the start of the 2014-15 year.

The only approved charter middle school in Clayton County, the Utopian Academy for the Arts is focused on providing a high quality and enriching academic experience for its students. It is open to all middle school students in the county, and its immersion in best practices make it an attractive option for students and parents.

"We are sincerely committed to providing our children a viable option to receive a top-notch education", notes Terance Madden, one of the school's board members.

Through the lens of having a gender-based classroom environment, a longer school day, a longer school year, Saturday school, along with classes in the dramatic, media, and culinary arts, the school's curriculum goes beyond the standard common core teaching and learning format. Combined with a campus culture and philosophy grounded in high expectations for all students, added time for academic and remedial support, and instilling an approach that is applicable to high school and beyond (i.e. the value of hard work, preparation, and achievement), the school's faculty, staff, administration, and board are committed to providing all with an enriching setting.

The board's commitment is evidenced by the fact the charter school is tuition-free; however, they do not receive any funding from Clayton County Public Schools.

As part of their efforts to provide enhanced access to resources, a fundraising event is taking place this Saturday, June 21st, from 8-11pm at The Craft House (1050 Bedford Gardens Drive in Alpharetta). The hosts for the event include the school's leadership team, and governing board. With the backdrop of good food, gourmet food, and other related items in a mature, adult setting, their goal is to exceed their $20,000 fundraising goal in order to provide support for their building fund and uniform scholarships for students.

For details on the event, readers are encouraged to contact Mr. Madden at 770-978-6711 and reference the Utopian Academy for the Arts. Likewise, ticket purchases may be made online.

Education is still an integral key for success, from high school, post-high school educational opportunities, and beyond. With a mission of providing a structured and supportive environment, the Utopian Academy for the Arts is sincere in the development of academic and artistic students to enter and to succeed in a global society; with a proficiency to enroll in a college, university or specialty school of their choice, they are better able to do so.

And that's very highly desirable.