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A classroom catastrophe

classroom mishap, more than academics
classroom mishap, more than academics
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“I love my kids”, the teacher said during a parley. They have their individual personality and it shines throughout the day. But, a day in a classroom is not made easy with “love”.

No easy task: It is hard work being a teacher, especially an elementary school teacher. The classroom is not just a place of academic learning. It is a place where children develop social interaction, good manners and diversity.

More than academics: Consequently, teachers are groomers of the future because children are not learning the social aspect of interaction within the home. And as such, part of the classroom curriculum are the many courtesies of life.

A routine: The teacher began talking about her daily routine. She said she never knows what to expect. She lives with daily challenges. Students are either ill prepared, tardy or just plan disruptive. At the end of this assertion she related her classroom catastrophe.

A recount: “I took them all for their routine bathroom break. We walk in a boy girl line procession to the restroom and every student knows to use it and come right out. I guess they were playing and one of them ran out of time and did not get to use it. So late into the day’s routine I looked around and show a student standing and at his feet are two brown like rocks. I looked at the student and then at the floor with disbelieve because I realized that he defecated on himself”.

“What a catastrophic day. A teacher worked out and one of my students excreted on himself”. This veteran teacher continued to expound on why teachers are no longer just teachers. She was on a roll and begin again to give examples of the above three paragraphs. She loves her students, she asserted again, but sometimes it is just not enough.

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