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A cigar blog in Buffalo

Dave Ditullio enjoying a cigar between missions in Afghanistan.
Dave Ditullio enjoying a cigar between missions in Afghanistan.
Photo courtesy of Dave Ditullio

Buffalo has a new cigar blog,  Finer Things Cigar Blog of Buffalo and it's gaining rapidly in popularity. Featuring a host of topics, humorous cigar art, and material all focused on the cigar scene in Buffalo, it is becoming an important stop for cigar-centric web surfers.

Authored by cigar aficionado and writer Dave Ditullio of Grand Island, the blog is updated seeral times a week. Topics such as, "Cigar Events", "Local Cigar Celebrities", and "Cigar Taxes On The Rise" provide timely, relevent information for the Buffalo cigar smoker. Since some of the topics have a wider-ranging geographic interest, cigar smokers from all points in New York State as well as nationwide will find information to benefit from.

Dave Ditullio, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and a local security expert began smoking cigars while training his military security team right after the terror attacks on September 11th, 2001. "Cigars were a way to get the men to bond after a tough training evolution, and it started a tradition that continues to this day." explains Dave. While he carried that tradition with him through dangerous combat missions throughout Afghanistan, where Dave suffered hearing loss from a close RPG blast that narrowly missed his head, he prefers a more peaceful setting.

The blog is a reflection of Dave's local experiences with the wide array of local tobacconists, cigar events and local cigar personalities. He has hosted numerous cigar events at his home, inviting friends, family, fellow military veterans, and others who share his passion for fine cigars. These events, according to Dave, will be discussed in the blog, and will offer information on the experiences of the cigar smokers in attendance, such as recommendations, food and drink pairings, and a host of other informative and entertaining information.

The Finer Things Cigar Blog is still quite new, but is already making its presence known to the cigar smoking web. The daily page views continue to grow, and the opportunity to spread the word about cigar events, news, and information in Buffalo grows with it. Web surfers with a penchant for quality cigars should check back frequently, and cigar aficionados in Buffalo would benefit from making Dave Ditullio's blog a regular stop.