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A chronological history of alcohol

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Everybody knows what there favorite alcohol is and what there favorite cocktail is; however, have you ever wondered where alcohol came from. Below is a very brief chronological history of alcohol.
4 AD - Aristotle recounts how sea water can be distilled into drinking water
1174 - Henry II of England records the drinking of aqua vitae in Ireland
1300 - Stills become widely used in Scandinavia
1556 - First record of Irish Whiskey
1638 - First record of Cognac
1650 - Start of rum distillation in mainland China
1791- Whiskey Rebellion in the United States of America
1806 - The first record of the term cocktail in mentioned
1869 - The National Prohibition Party is found
1870 - Absinthe is the best selling alcohol in the world
1915 - Tennessee and Kentucky become dry states
1915 - Absinthe is banned in the United States of America
1916 - Prohibition is started in Canada
1920 - Prohibition is started in United States of America
1931 - Bacardi builds a distillery in Mexico
1933 - Prohibition repealed in the United States of America
1970 - British Navy rum ration abolished
1991 - Polish vodka distilleries become independent
2000 - United States requires states to pass laws saying that you can't drive above .08 percent
2008 - Anheuser - Busch InBev is formed
2014 - Powered alcohol is invented
So the next time that you are drinking and you want need something to talk about in the bar you have something. Drink safe and enjoy.

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