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A Christmas wish list for the Minneapolis social networker

Business card envelopes
Business card envelopes
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Since Christmas is only fifteen days away, it's likely that everyone's got their Christmas lists written and sent off to various friends and family members.  Toys like iPods and gift certificates to local eateries (Cafe Maude is my favorite, hint hint) are always good bets, but beyond that, there are all kinds of things that every social networker needs on their lists this year.  These are my Top 3 Favorites:

  1. New business cards.  Luckily, you can design your own by working with organizations like, or you can seek out a designer and printer to work with you on custom designs. has a whole slew of great designers willing to work with individuals at competitive prices.
  2. Business card holders.  You'll need a place to keep your snazzy new business cards, and a little card holder is a great way to keep enough with you so that you're prepared when the moment presents itself.  You can find some really nifty ones at local gift shops such as The Afternoon Store in the Mall of America, Patina, and Bibelot, but others prefer to go the homemade route., an online marketplace for designers and crafters to sell their goods features a number of available options.  My favorite are made by crafty girl Ashley, and are available through her shop, Joyful Star (pictured here).
  3. A shiny, newly revamped resume. The job industry has to bounce back sometime, and rumor has it, this spring looks pretty promising.  Being ready to show off your skills and experience is crucial, and Emily Jane is a beautiful designer and would love to work with you on crafting the perfect resume.

If these three things don't make it on your wish list for Christmas 2009, be sure they're at the top of your New Year's Resolutions for 2010!