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A Christmas wish from NorCal rescue is a rental van and money for gas

Sparkles looks scared but let's change that to a big PURRRR and get her to a safe home for the holidays
Sparkles looks scared but let's change that to a big PURRRR and get her to a safe home for the holidays
Kern Count, Calif., Animal Control

A dedicated team of Northern California rescuers doesn't need a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer to transport a group of animals currently from a high kill shelter in the state’s Central Valley to safety for the holidays. They just need a rental van and gas!

Please read this moving letter from a rescue coordinator who is hoping to make this life saving journey happen for one little 3-month old Calico kitten name Sparkles and many deserving dogs, some who probably never had a happy holiday in their lives.

Jennie Adams, NorCal rescue coordinator

The Bakersfield Rescue Sleigh Needs Gas! - Please HELP!

Santa has a list, we're told, and a reliable transport system, with lots of elves. Lucky man. I have a list tonight, too. The list I'm looking at is of a lot of good dogs, and a kitten, who need a ride to rescue this week

My list includes a little poodle found alive in the garbage with only his head sticking out. He had infected puncture wounds in his neck from being chewed up by another dog before he was thrown in the trash to finish dying. He didn't even try to crawl out. He had given up. He has a rescue.

Also on my list is Foxy, a little pom mix girl who would have been PTS because the shelter doubted a rescue would want a little girl who has only 2 good legs. Foxy will have orthopedic surgery when she gets to Noah's B'Ark in Santa Rosa

Ziggy is on my list, too. He's a sweet pittie whose back has shockingly graphic scars from being burned. He was found dragging a cable attached to the chain around his neck. Perhaps he had made a break for freedom because he believed somewhere someone would love him as much as he still loves people. His rescue Rocket Dog is waiting for him in San Francisco though he needs a foster while waiting for adoption.

Rescuers also are waiting for a deaf Aussie goingto NorCal Family Dog Rescue, a 10-yr. Border Collie and a 13-yr. Cocker. Five little dogs from the PTS list on the shelter in Shafter (also in the Central Valley) are now on my list and I hope and pray I get to add three more dogs from that PTS list before they die on Monday. ... Also on the list are a momma with six fat babies and another momma who lost all of her babies, save one, in the shelter who also are going to Rocket Dog and barely got out alive with that one. A brighter future is waiting for them and the others on my list. I just need some reindeer.

For Santa, "magic" comes from touching his nose. His reindeer run on hay and ho-ho-ho. Our magic comes from the hearts of volunteer transporters, a wonderful rescue community and many caring supporters.

So I'm asking Santa and you to please bring us an EARLY Christmas gift -- gas money and van rental to transport these animals the 600 miles R/T from Bakersfield to San Francisco. We need $350.00. We cannot do this without your help.

Tax-deductible donations may be made by PayPal (or check) to No Paws Left Behind Rescue and Transport, a 501c3 nonprofit:

Please support his life saving journey! Your donation towards even one gallon of gas moves this Christmas story closer to a happy ending for these animals.


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