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A Christian cannot exist apart from the Church, says Pope

Pope Francis said in his homily for daily Mass today in the chapel of the St. Martha Residence that it is a great mistake for a Christian to believe that they can exist apart from or separate from the Church. The Pope reflected on how the apostles, from the Church's earliest days, won converts by connecting the Church to the rest of salvation history, emphasizing that God's people cannot exist alone, independent of each other. “You cannot understand a Christian outside of the people of God. The Christian is not a monad, but belongs to a people: the Church,” the Holy Father explained. “Jesus does not make sense without this history, because he is the end of this story, the end toward which this story goes, toward which it walks,” reflected the Pope “you cannot understand a Christian outside of the people of God.”

Pope Francis gives a talk to a group of Catholic schoolchildren.
Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

“You cannot understand a Christian alone, just like you cannot understand Jesus Christ alone,”the Pontiff preached, “Jesus Christ did not fall from the sky like a superhero who comes to save us. No. Jesus Christ has a history. And we can say, and it is true, that God has a history because He wanted to walk with us. And you cannot understand Jesus Christ without His history." The Pope went on to call a Christian who believes that they can somehow persist in their faith without the Church "a thing which cannot give life." The Pope went on to say that a Christian is "a living memory of his people's journey, he is the living memory of his Church."

“Then, where is this people going? Toward the ultimate promise," the Pontiff said. "It is a people walking toward fullness; a chosen people which has a promise for the future and walks toward this promise, toward the fulfillment of this promise.” The Christian who walks with the Lord and with the Church accepts the Lord's will for his or her life. “Yes, I want the commandments, I want your will, I will follow you," the Pope said our answer to God should be, saying that we should be men and women "of the covenant."

“Our Christian identity is belonging to a people: the Church,” the Pope confidently declared.

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