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A Christian battle-plan to defeat President Obama's religious persecution

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A grace filled Christian has only one option in the face of tyranny. Whether that tyranny is abortion-on-demand, or forced payment for contraceptives under the guise of 'compassionate' health care, government coups and violent uprisings aren't part of the Christian plan. For the essence of Catholic-Christianity is to be like Christ. Therefore, weapons which attack are replaced with the only weapon which inflicts holy violence on evil.

The Cross of Jesus Christ.

So many times Jesus was put in precarious positions, threatened with being thrown of the brow of a cliff, accused of being Beelzebub (the devil), standing in the breach of a woman's stoning, constantly being tested by menacing scribes, dealing daily with the doubts of the disciples. Yet Jesus never sunk to the offense of violence. Yes, he turned the tables in the Temple. But notice, He was defending the dignity of His Father's House. For righteous defense is dignified. But angry offensiveness is beneath the Love of God. That is why the Christian battle-plan against the Obama administrations religious persecution is not against Second Amendment Rights.

It is, rather, against offensive violence.

So now that we're clear that the battle-plan excludes offensive violence, how can we understand it as a battle-plan? Obvious to all men and women of faith is the fact that we are in a deep, and dark, spiritual war in America today. Yes, Jesus has already won the war. Yet, the skirmishes instigated by principalities and powers (using gullible, and evil, men and women as tools of hate) wound, and kill, many a body and soul in our midst. This is a matter of life and death--it is not some abstract topic for coffee talk! Christian men and women must 'gird their loins,' and load their weapons, with the ammunition that counts.

Unborn babies, in abortion by the millions, euthanized grandparents, religiously persecuted Americans, destroyed families, misguided children, disrespected Sacraments such as marriage, and the very soul of America depend on us!

Weapon number One is prayer. This includes prayer FOR the good will of our enemies in power. Weapon number Two is repentance, and conversion, from our love for 'worldy' things--for Catholics this includes sacramental confession. Weapon number Three--the central weapon in our arsenal--is Jesus Christ. For Catholics this is a return to the Eucharist--not just in ritual, but in intimate relationship with Jesus. Eucharist Adoration, Scriptural meditation, Rosary time, and family prayer flow from this.

This doesn't sound like much of a battle-plan for social engagement with evil, does it? Well, all good intent in voting for new, and Judaeo-Christian friendly politicians, for organized and non-violent protests, for organized pushes for just and ethical legislation, without a spiritual grounding in our faith is sure to fail.

For evil is an obstinate obstacle. And the only strategy with which we are Promised Victory is in the Cross.