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A chilly day, heavy rain, a microburst and a tornado

Radar image 4:09PM 22 Jul 2010
Radar image 4:09PM 22 Jul 2010

A chilly day, heavy rain, a microburst and a tornado top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Center (SPC) archives here events that happened on July 22.

Almanac 22 July 2014
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

1909 - Bergland Dam reported 4.10 inches of rainfall, Iron Mountain had 1.87 inches, Watermeet had 2.98 inches and Stambaugh had 2.64 inches of rain. From July 19th to the 22nd, nearly 10 inches of rain fell across Upper Michigan and Northwest Wisconsin. 5.00 inches of rain fell in Ironwood with basements and cellars flooded. The Montreal River rose over a foot higher than ever observed before with a water main breaking during this second rainstorm in Ironwood.

1953 - Severe thunderstorms struck during the late evening as a cold front moved through. High winds downed numerous trees, and several streets in Grand Rapids were blocked by falling trees.

1960 - Detroit experienced its highest official wind gust during a severe thunderstorm of 104 mph wind at 5:18pm.

1974 – Record cool high temperatures on this day for several cities across the state. Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Flint only see a high of 66°. Alpena is an even cooler 62° and Houghton Lake comes in with 65°.

2010 – Thunderstorms swept across Lower Michigan during the afternoon with strong wind, tornadoes, and hail. One tornado was on the ground 1 mile west of the airport in Battle Creek. Golf ball size hail falls near Fennville and the weather station located at Parchment recorded a 59mph wind gust. Extensive damage occurred around Gull Lake in northeastern Kalamazoo County, where a microburst produced winds up to around 75 mph that brought down numerous large trees. Numerous trees and power lines came down across Allegan, Calhoun and Branch counties. Click here for a radar loop of the storms on this day. The attached slideshow has a few severe weather maps for the day.

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