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A Child's Choice

When tragedies strike the youngest members of our world, it can change their lives forever. Sometimes, it is our children that are left with having to make some difficult decisions. This piece represents a child, who after dealing with personal hardship, decided to take the long road and follow God. While God is not mentioned at all in the piece, he is represented as "Life's Architect." It is about living life God's way, and not allowing peer pressure or uncertainty to hinder the journey, nor allow life to pass one by and be ignored.

For it is written: "Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

The love from a child knows no boundaries,
and a caring heart is always overflowing,
longing to be shared with those around them

When that loving bond has been broken,
what happens to the child that carried that love?


Others chose to face their chosen reality,
saying their dreams were so far from reach;
that all was lost forever.

One small child seemed hidden among the crowd,
but it was her heart that made her stand out from the surrounding pressures of her peers.

For she was able to see the dawn
that would soon appear out from the darkness
and turn the dreams of her peers into reality

She made a choice to follow a new road;
a road with challenges, hardships, and frightening adventures.

But to accomplish the impossible,
one must decide whether to face their chosen destiny
with hope
and trust
in the one who created the blueprints of their lives.


deny seeing the light of the sun at the end of the tunnel,
and continue to live a life shrouded in a fiery darkness.

Do not wait until the life you lived as a child passes you by,
like a small firefly that will shine its light as you hold it in your hands,
only to then spread its wings and fly away into the night.

The choice is yours.

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