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A cheap and amazing alternative to you face wash may surprise you

Finding a face wash that will work on most skin types can be hard to come by, and on top of that very expensive. But I recently learned a little skin secret of what to use on your face as a cleanser that is not only good for sensitive to acne prone skin, but also cheaper than your bottle of face wash, and the product may surprise you (and make you turn red in embarrassment while purchasing it.) What is the product? Vagisil. Yes, you read that correctly. Vagisil wash that is marketed to wash your lady bits is an amazing alternative to your face wash. The wash is PH balanced so that it will not dry out your skin and contains probiotics which can actually help to clear up blemishes. The best part is that you will get a large amount for a cheaper price than you would typically pay for your face wash. This is actually very close to the popular face wash by the company Bliss called "No Zit Sherlock" which is for acne prone skin and contains probiotics and is pretty pricey. Try to find one that has the least amount of scent in it or even unscented. You can even store it in a separate bottle or peel the labels off in case you have any guests over and don't want them thinking you are having some female problems down below. Do you have the guts to purchase a bottle of this on your next shopping excursion or will you just stick to your normal face wash?