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A Chat with D.W. Raleigh, author of 'Shiloh’s True Nature'

D.W. Raleigh, Fantasy Author
D.W. Raleigh, Fantasy Author
Doug Raleigh

D.W. Raleigh was born in the Delaware Valley and has spent most of his life in that region. He has attended multiple colleges and universities collecting several degrees, including an M.A. in Philosophy. After toiling away for many years in various unfulfilling jobs, he began to realize that what he really wanted to do was write. Scribbling down ideas and little short stories he eventually came up with something he wanted to share with the world. Thus,Shiloh’s True Nature was born. D.W. currently resides in Newark, Delaware with his longtime love, Judy, and their two cats, Lovie and Cheepie.

Shiloh’s True Nature tells the suspenseful story of a 12 year-old farm boy who is sent to stay with his estranged grandfather and discovers a mysterious new world inhabited by supernatural beings called ‘Movers.’ Find out more about the book from Hobbes End Publishing.

Q: What’s inside the mind of a fantasy author?

A: For me, it is mythological themes and the desire to find new and creative ways for characters to do ordinary things.

Q: Why do you write?

A: I write because I’m a story teller...And I’m better at telling stories through written words. I can take my time and think of precisely what I want to convey.

Q: How picky are you with language?

A: Sometimes I’m very picky...others, not so much. It depends on the situation. If I’m simply bridging two parts to the story I may be less discerning with my word choices. However, if I’m at a crucial juncture in the story, I may go over and over something trying to get it right.

Q: Do you get the feeling you’re playing God when you write fiction?

A: I’ve never thought about that. I suppose, in a vague sense, I am bringing something into existence and controlling its destiny. So, in that regard, I guess I am the Master of the Universe. WooHoo!

Q: When you write, do you sometimes feel as though you were being manipulated from afar?

A: No. I mean, I suppose I could be a brain in a vat...but I’ll never know either way.

Q: What is your worst time as a writer?

A: When it is time to start writing. I’m a slow starter.

Q: Your best?

A: After I’ve started writing, because I lose myself in the work and just go with it.

Q: Is there anything that would stop you from writing?

A: Having no hands.

Q: What’s the happiest moment you’ve lived as an author?

A: It’s a tie. The day I finished Shiloh’s True Nature...And the day I was told Hobbes End wanted to publish Shiloh’s True Nature.

Q: Is writing an obsession to you?

A: No...I’d tell stories even if I couldn’t write. So maybe telling good stories is the obsession.

Q: Are the stories you create connected with you in some way?

A: For the most part, the stories are in no way based on my real life...they are fantasies. However, I don’t think anyone can effectively convey an emotional connection between characters without having experienced that in real life.

Q: Ray Bradbury once said, “You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” Do you agree?

A: And I think Hemingway said, “I must stay drunk so I can destroy reality.” But seriously, I do not agree. Reality is going to destroy us all, we might as well make the best of things in the meantime.

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