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A change in the game

The NFL season is barely over, but there is already a really interesting challenge for the teams and scouts that recruit the potential talent for the upcoming draft. The NFL draft this May is going to be highly anticipated by a variety of people. But not just by college players and their families hoping for the opportunity for future riches. No this draft is going to be closely watched because of one individual, Michael Sam. Sam was named a first team All-American and the defensive player of the year in the Southeastern Conference. He also helped his Missouri Tigers to a 12-2 record and a victory in the Cotton Bowl.

Michael Sam is a certain middle round draft pick for the draft. And if things go according to script he probably still will be despite announcing to the media and his teammates recently that he is gay. There are currently no openly gay players in the NFL, NBA, NHL, or in MLB for that matter. So to say that the odds are stacked against Michael Sam is an understatement. There has already been some skepticism displayed by Johnathen Vilma of the New Orlean Saints, saying that he is not sure how he would feel about changing clothes after a game around Michael Sam. Surely there is going to be a lot of conversation about Michael Sam among NFL owners, management, and coaches this winter. Let`s just hope that some team decides to go against the grain and drafts the young man so that he gets a chance to play and fulfill his dream of being a professional football player.

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