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A change of the guard

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Willford Patrick

Golf is a game that has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Players have become more athletic, bigger, and stronger. Tiger Woods, without a doubt has led this revolution, and has made the game more popular among a variety of people around the world. That is why what Rory McIlroy is doing is doing is so special. At 5'9'' and maybe a buck seventy, he truly is a David among Goliaths. McIlroy won his fourth major tournament Sunday night at Valhalla, in the PGA Championship.

He is the third youngest player to reach four major wins by age twenty-five. The other players are Tiger Woods (24) and Jack Niclaus (25), that is some very rare air to be in. This is also his third victory in a row, including another major last month at the British Open. At twenty-five years of age Rory McIlroy is already a very seasoned player. Having had a short stint as the number one player in the world before slipping considerably after undergoing a swing change, and in a even more dramatic and prophetic move, signing a deal with Nike to use their equipment.

Rory struggled in 2013 as he got adjusted to his new sticks, drawing a lot of questions about the change, but I think that it is safe to say that he is feeling very good about that decision now.

Jordan and Tiger are still probably the biggest names in the Nike family, but very soon there is going to be another person on a one name basis with sports fans around the world, and his name is Rory.