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A Challenge to You

Beloved, Today I want to challenge you to begin to stand in the gap and pray for the world and those who are caught in cycles of death, poverty and destruction where ever in the world they may live. One of the greatest gifts of God is peace and security. However tragically there are many places in the world, even in the city and state where you live where peace does not exist and security has long begin forgotten. It is sad to say that we the body of Christ those who have been vested with the authority of our Lord Jesus have lost site of the need to take the position of Joel and stand between the alter and the porch and well for the city and have become so consumed with our comfort that we have forgotten those who are losing the fight for their very survival. But God has not forgotten them nor should we have forgotten them. In America community after community is being over run by violence as the spirit of death run free, nations around the would are facing terrorism, famine, disease, war as millions of lives are in danger of being destroyed even as I type this plea and while the goverments of this world demonstrate their inability to stop it, we stand and watch and what is worse judge. The only remedy for evil is good and the only good comes from God through God's people so if we don't act millions will simply perish and God is watching. There will be those who will respond by suggesting that what they are facing is God's judgment or that this is a sign that the coming of Christ is near and to those I would simply respond that the very thoughts, as they are used to justify our continued inaction are both ungodly and out of order. Even in the Midst of Capitivity God told His children to pray for those they dwelled among and even christ instructions us that not only are we the light of the world but that our light should not be hid, but should shine to bring light to those in darkness. How can we tell a dying world about a living savior who loves them when our action or should I say inaction show so much hate. How can we say that we are the body of Christ, the righteousness of God when we respond to tragedy with gossip instead of prayer. so today I want to challenge you, urge you to for one hour shift your attention away from you and receive your next blessing toward them and their survival and ask you to simply pray that God have mercy on them, bring peace to them, send the spirit of peace to them, send the gospel to them and if you are bold enough, send you to them.....

Guest Written by Dr. D. L. Wallace

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