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A celebration of the life of John Still to be held Jan. 8, 2014 in Memphis

John Still
Michael Crohan

A gathering of friends to celebrate the life of the late actor/radio personality, John Still will be held from 1:00pm - 3:00pm Feb. 8, 2014 at Blind Bear Speakeasy, at 119 S. Main St. in Memphis, Tennessee. According to Memphis Filmmaker, Michael Crohan, everyone who knew John is welcome to attend.

John has been mourned by many since he passed away on Jan. 20, 2014 in Memphis, after a fight with cancer. This writer has received many emails and Facebook messages from people that knew and worked with John, and those tributes are still coming in, so I am posting some more that I have received since I wrote the last article on John.

Lisa Lax, CEO/Exec. Director of the Lisa Lax Agency
"It has been a privilege to represent John Still here at the Lisa Lax Agency. It is a very sad time for us and many of John's fellow friends and actors within. With John's passing, the region has lost a singular talent and a memorable human being.

John had an undeniable presence. Whether he was looming on screen and scaring the living daylights out of you, or whether he was standing right next to you trading tales, he made a distinct impression.
There was much about him — even beyond that presence — that made him a much sought after character actor. He had “The Look.” You just wouldn’t want to get into a staring contest with John Still, because there was no possibility you could win. But if you did, you'd both crack up soon enough.

And, he had “The Voice.” In fact, that’s how he marketed his voice-over abilities: “The Voice is packin’ a big larynx,” he said on his sample recording. One of the lines in that recording is this: 'I’m not an announcer. I don’t think people like to be announced at. You’ve got to persuade people, you’ve got to talk to them, one on one.'

That was typical of John's common sense. He knew people and he knew how to talk to people. He could tell great stories and listen to you tell yours. He was kind and generous, helping out other actors on the set or in classes.
John Still was one of a kind, and while we will miss him forever, we will also rejoice in the life he led and the gifts he gave us.

Donald Meyers
I knew John for several years and l'm deeply saddened to learn of his passing...we worked together on a variety of projects, from voice-overs to movies and I always respected his dedication to his film profession which was just one of his talents in which he continued to impress on all of those who worked with him...he will be missed and Memphis has lost one of its most accomplished artists.

Forrest Pruett
"To John's immediate family. I would like to say, We all share your pain with the passing of such a wonderful man and a great actor. Thank you for sharing him with us and he and his God given talents. Take comfort with each other and know that we grieve with you.
I would also like to offer my condolences to all of those who were fans of this great actor. I enjoyed my friendship with this legend of Memphis . The selfless actor who was always willing to share his knowledge with everyone.
I appreciated the uniqueness of John's acting ..only a very few people I have ever met, possessed the abilities that came so naturally to him. Anyone who has ever watched his work recognized that John was truly one of a kind. Very few actors that I have had the privilege to be in front of, possessed the simple "presence" that John still had. No matter what room He was in, no matter what film, All eyes gravitated to John. We have truly lost an icon. He was a wonderful actor, a man of honor, A kind and giving soul, a friend and teacher to us all. a brother to many and a father who loved his family.
I am truly honored to have shook his hand and called him friend, listen to his stories, marveled at his work and grateful that I was able to share some time with this incredible human being.
I like to think that at this very moment as you're reading this John is running lines with God, preparing for his next role in the universe. Until we meet again, Godspeed John. Thank you for everything!"

Morgan Prewitt, Actress and Model
"The first time I met John was at the old Indie Acting Studio in Bartlett. He was nothing but kind and sweet. He made me laugh every time I saw him there. He had faith in me and believed that I would make it in the modeling/acting industry. He told my mom one day that she needed to get the ball rolling and hurry up because I was getting old. I was only 12, but he was very serious. I only knew him for a couple of years but you only needed to meet him once to fall in love with his smile and laughter and he always wore that hat of his. He will be missed very much by a lot of people. Rest in peace John."

Remember, if you can, join his other friends Feb. 8, 2014 for "The Celebration of the Life of John Still." at the Blind Bear Speakeasy.

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