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A celebration of opposites takes place at Robert Lange Studios

Charles Williams, "Breaking Point," oil on canvas
Charles Williams, "Breaking Point," oil on canvas
Photo courtesy of Robert Lange Studios

Give artists a theme and see how their creative minds can run with it.

That’s what Robert Lange Studios has done in their latest group exhibit, Black vs. White. In this showing of over 60 works, more than 30 selected artists were asked to create two art pieces of the same size, one with black and the other with white as the primary color.

The result was a wide range of imagery and thematic elements that vary from the abstract to the highly photo realistic and everything in between. Reflecting the uniqueness of each individual artist, the surprising range in responses makes this show a visual assortment that aims to unify dissimilar artwork by artists from Charleston and across the country.

Some artists had to stretch their traditional palette when asked to engage this monochromatic theme. Such was the case with landscape painter Charles Williams, who usually creates vibrant marsh landscapes. For this show, he chose to paint hyper-realistic works that deteriorate into dripping paint as the image moves down the canvas.

Even Robert Lange himself participates in the thematic show, with highly realistic works that bounce off the page yet still adhere to the key colors of black and white.

The numerous amounts of styles and images make for an exciting show and with such a variety to look at, you can’t help but find each work more intriguing than the last.

Robert Lange Studios is located at 2 Queen St and is open Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 5pm. Black vs. White is on view through February 28, 2010.


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