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A cat scratcher for kitties who love your furniture to pieces

New hammock and scracther tables from Cat Above
New hammock and scracther tables from Cat Above
Cat Above

Tired of watching your favorite antique or Pottery Barn table become the object of your cat’s scratching affection? Cat Above might have just the solution for you. The company’s new ScratchPal Table incorporates the CatAbove ScratchPal no-mess cardboard scratcher. Now your cat can scratch to its heart's content and those pesky cardboard flakes will stay inside the ScratchPal, No more cardboard mess on the floor. The hand-crafted table, made of high quality unfinished pine, can serve as a side table or night stand. With dimensions of 23 x 15 x 24 inches, it’s perfect for a small living space at able dimensions

Another version of the Cat Above table features the company’s popular SnoozePal Cat Hammock. The Hammock sling is two sided featuring soft fleece for winter warmth; cotton for summer coolness. The sling is removable and machine washable. Replacement hammock slings are available.

Cat Above contributes a portion of its profit to animal rescue organizations.