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A cat’s brain is fascinating

Studies prove me smart
Studies prove me smart
Karla Kirby

Researchers at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine say the physical structure of the brains of humans and cats are very comparable. The feline brain and the human brain both have cerebral cortices with analogous lobes.

The number of cortical neurons enclosed in the brain of the cat is reported to be 763 visual cortex was found to contain about 51,400 neurons per mm3. Both feline and human brains are gyrencephalic.

Analyses of cat brains have revealed they are divided into many areas with particular tasks that are tremendously interconnected and share sensory information in a kind of hub and spoke network, with a huge number of specialized hubs and many alternating paths between them. This exchange of sensory information permits the brain to build a complex perception of the real world and to respond to and control its environment.

The thalamus of the cat constituting a hypothalamus, epithalamus, dorsal and ventral parts as well as a lateral geniculate nucleus, and additional secondary nuclear structures are accountable for controlling impulses to the cortex, memory functions of sleep, originally formed of sensory datum, and cellular functioning or else unknown, as yet not wholly understood. The thalamus has neuronal connectivity to the cerebellum.

The neuroplasticity of kittens' brains, with deference to control of visual stimulus correlated with changes in RNA structures. It has been established that cats have visual recognition memory and enclose elasticity of cerebral encoding from visual information, adaptability corresponding to changing environmental stimuli.

For the best possible health and performance of the brain, a cat would necessitate primarily potassium, manganese, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin B6, Vitamin D,.calcium, sodium, and magnesium as part of a nutritionally balanced diet. In addition, taurine is an essential amino acid in a cat's diet: taurine deficiency leads to retinal degeneration and blindness in cats.

Intelligence during behavioral observation is defined as a compound of abilities and skills. The WAIS test is a measure of intelligence in adult human beings; this test scores on four criterion; verbal perceptual organization, comprehension, working memory and processing speed. In a proportional evaluation from WAIS criteria, felines are in the main quite high ranking in intelligence. The working memory of the domesticated cat is construed from experiment as being 16 hours.

Feature that supply to greater intelligence are the rapidity at which electrical transmission is conducted and with the larger number of cortical neurons. The number of cortical neurons in the cat brain was calculated as 300 million.

Yes, the cat has an amazing brain, no wonder they are one of the most intelligent animals on earth.

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