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A case study about a fictional girl getting her stomach pumped due to overdose

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Introduction: Part of maintaining good health, women need to maintain their emotional health. When they give in to despair themselves or see their loved ones give in to despair, it can cause great emotional stress. So, here is a case study that might give you words of counsel and/or comfort.

This story is fiction, but it is based on true events. The idea for the story came from a social worker who used to live in Knoxville, Tennessee. She had clients who had to get their stomach pumped due to either accidentally or purposely taking an overdose of pills or drugs.

One of the points of the story is that if you cloud your vision or dull your senses by taking drugs or drinking alcohol, the world will lose out of all your special talents and abilities. Each of you is essential to making the world the best possible place it can be.

Please note: Due to the sensitive nature of the story, the role-play is the sequel rather than a replay of Jessica's painful experience.

To read the story, please click on the following conflict resolution link called “Jessica’s painful experience.”

Once this imaginary girl named Jessica got her stomach pumped, she was urged to get some counseling. In the group counseling session, she learned a very helpful strategy to keep her motivated to not drink again. The words of this counselor shared with Jessica and the other kids in her counseling group might prove comforting and inspiring to you as well.

The philosophy states as follows: “We are each one jigsaw puzzle piece in a giant jigsaw puzzle. … There is something special each of us can do to make that jigsaw puzzle piece be complete and help the world to be a better place to live.”

Please read the role-play called, “Finding Jessica’s jigsaw puzzle piece.”

  1. Click link: Finding Jessica’s Jigsaw Puzzle Piece
  2. Click link: Role-play Slideshow: Finding Jessica’s Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Let’s fast forward to a time when this imaginary girl named Jessica meets up with a girl named Tonya. She also has a philosophy that she lives by.

The two girls share their philosophies and strategies for living. In their sharing, they discover that when they combine the two strategies, they come up with an even better method for maintaining their current and future emotional health. Perhaps this will help you as well.

Please check out the story, role-play, and slideshow called, “Jessica and Tonya combine their resources. Perhaps you will find this enlightening and helpful as well.

Please read the story, role-play, and slideshow called “Jessica and Tonya combine their resources.”

  1. Click story link: Jessica and Tonya combine their resources
  2. Click role-play link: Jessica and Tonya combine their resources
  3. Click link: Role-play slideshow called Jessica and Tonya combine their resources

Please note: These stories were written primarily for the author’s School Conflict Resolution Examiner site for Realizing that these were important issues that could affect girls’ health and women’s health, I decided to post them on my Women’s Health site for as well. Naturally, these are issues that can affect boys and men as well.


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