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A case for Jack Trammell vs. Dave Brat

It is a developing story and neither candidate has made a strong case.

All across the nation, incumbents should be worried because they have performed poorly. Congress is one of the worst ever and it needs to be shaken up. So, the loss of Eric Cantor on the GOP ticket and replacing him with a new face, Dave Brat, is encouraging. That is not an endorsement for Dave Brat. It is an opportunity for Democrats to change some minds in District 7.

Changing minds will not be from touting loyalty to a poorly performing President. It will be for providing legislative competence in representing the needs and desires of a district where at least half are pretty wealthy citizens and the other half are middle class American families.

Look at Jack Trammell’s resume.

Jack Trammell

Democratic candidate for
Virginia's 7th congressional district

Dave Brat (R)
Personal details

John Kent Trammell
Berea, Kentucky
Political party
Audrie Trammell
Mineral, Virginia
Alma mater
Grove City College (B.A.)
Virginia Commonwealth University (M.S., Ph.D.)[1]
Professor (Sociology)

Like Dave Brat, Jack Trammell is a PhD. Dave is an economist and Jack is a sociologist. Neither of these two candidates are stellar in accomplishments.

“Trammell was a political science undergraduate at Grove City College, and eventually went on to get advanced degrees or certificates in education, special education, history education, and research methodology, attending Virginia Commonwealth University to complete his Master’s and Ph.D., and also taking classes through the University of Virginia. He serves as an associate professor of sociology, specializing in disability in higher education.[4]”

This will be a contest about which candidate can demonstrate alignment with District 7 voters who are conservative. Here is a tip, Jack worked on the Bill Clinton presidential campaign. That may bring in some big gun support. If Hillary can get in gear, that might help him.

“Meet Jack Trammell, the Democrat who will face David Brat, the man who beat Eric Cantor

By Mike DeBonis, Published: June 10 E-mail the writer

On Monday, Jack Trammell was a little-known employee of Randolph-Macon College newly minted as the sacrificial-lamb Democratic candidate certain to be trounced by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the heavily Republican 7th District.

A day later, Trammell’s political prospects had transformed with Cantor’s loss to David A. Brat. He remained, however, little known.”

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