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A career guide for internet data entry operator jobs

Data entry jobs are fast gaining prominence as one of the most popular income-generating options that can be performed at one's convenience. As the term itself connotes, data entry jobs involve typing, editing and systematically organizing the information in a chronological sequence which is held on a company's online storage and retrieval systems. It is the job of the data entry operator to convert both words and numerical data into databases or spreadsheets. As the substantial part of the job involves typing, therefore, companies primarily hire those people who can type as words as possible per minute, with minimum typographical errors. Moreover, those individuals who have better listening and comprehension skills, can apply for medical transcription data entry jobs. In such kinds of jobs, audio files will be given by the company which are required to be encoded in exact words. Some basic knowledge of medical words would be an added benefit.

Scope of work
Typical responsibilities assigned to a data entry operator-

  • Inputting client information into computer
  • Manuscript typing
  • Documents transcribing
  • Data proofreading
  • Receiving phone calls
  • Maintating the record of medical information
  • Dealing with clients queries and problems
  • Sales invoice processing
  • Preparing reports, memos and letters
  • Discharging other clerical or administrative duties
  • Working in conformity to the company's rules

Data entry pay structures
There is a good scope of data entry jobs both in private and government sectors. Although, salary widely depends on type of company, complexity of work and location, the payment is decided on the basis of varied factors, like hourly wages and per word. As far as the government sector is concerned, the pay scale for data entry operators is Rs 8000- 20,000 per month. In India, government companies are shunning their primitive paper record process and are converting their records into computer files. For this purpose, internet data entry operators are required. As a result, there is a great scope of these jobs in future because they are equally demanded both in private as well as government companies.

Requisite education and skills
Unlike medical transcription data entry jobs that require basic understanding of medical terminology, there is no need of high-level education to start data entry work. However, there are some data entry jobs that may require the skills, like verifying data or editing. These jobs typically pay more as compared to simple data entry keying jobs.
Furthermore, data entry clerks should have high focus & concentration and attention to detail as the work is highly repetitive. You can apply for simple data jobs right after the completion of your school or graduation. Usually, government companies hire candidates that should be graduate in any discipline, with basic computer knowledge. However, some organizations clearly specify that candidates should possess degree in any of the following fields-

  • Bachelor of computer application
  • O level certificate course in computers
  • Diploma in computer science
  • Master of science in statistics

Along with this, some employers prefer those candidates who have typewriting examination certificate.Data entry operators should have a basic computer knowledge and a wide range of other skills that may include-

  • Proficient typing skills
  • Basic literacy and numeracy skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to work both as a team-player and independently
  • Able to work under pressure

Organizations recruiting candidates for data entry jobs in India-
Entering and retrieving data is required by a wide variety of companies and professions, including, corporate bodies, universities, schools, charities and small businesses. Web-based companies also require data entry operators along with government bodies, where there is a huge demand of such professionals. Some of the government organizations hiring data entry operators are-

1. India Government Mint
2. International Institute for Population Sciences
3. EdCIL Limited
4. DOEACC Society
5. Indian Council for Medical Research
6. Council for Scientific & Industrial Research

Career Progression
Once data entry clerk spends a considerable time on a job, he will be given tasks that demand a high level of accuracy and skills. Even within the field of data-entry, there are ample of opportunities to progress to a high supervisory level or team-leader position, which involves recruiting, training and supervising work of junior data entry clerks. There is a good chance of progressing to other levels like secretarial or administrative work.

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