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A Canoe race on Ten Mile Creek fulfills a long awaited dream

The canoe race has evolved by adding kayaks and "anything that floats"
The canoe race has evolved by adding kayaks and "anything that floats"
Dave Zuchowski, freelance writer:

Is a great artist or a man with a vision considered a “borrower” “a thief” or a little of both? This is an important question because the answer will gives us some insight into Josh White, a man with a visions that took almost nine years to turn into a reality.

According to Dave Zuchowski “Nine years ago, Jason White was looking for a way to raise money to stock trout in Ten Mile Creek in Washington County, so he borrowed a fundraising idea used by other organizations — a raffle drawing based on the Pennsylvania Lottery.”

Initially, “"The idea proved not to be worth the effort we put into it," said Mr. White, 26, of Clarksville, who abandoned the raffle drawing after a one-time try.”

However, “The heavy spring flow of water in the creek gave him another idea — a canoe race, with trophies given to the canoeists who reached the finish line in the fastest time.”

The canoe race with trophies proved a somewhat better idea but The first year, the race drew 17 canoes but no sponsors. However, it still raised $700, which translated into 300 10-inch trout purchased from the Laurel Hill Trout Farm in Rockwood, Somerset County.