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A ‘Canes fan makes no apology

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Bienvenidos! I am still a ‘Canes fan!

This week news broke and so did our hearts. Once again our Beloved “U” was making NCAA history, and not the kind we like. We, the fans have been attacked continuously by our family, friends, Facebook walls, and quite frankly I do not want to see a TV set for some time.

What does it all this mean “Nuke” the team, “Kill the ‘Canes” and what will be left after all the buzz is gone, the NCAA has left town, the sanctions, fines, and penalties have all been paid, and suspensions served? Well for one, we will still be one of the best universities in this whole small minded country. Also of great importance is our athletic program will still have some of the best educated student athletes in the whole NCAA. You have only to look at the current situation to see this is already true. Checks out these graphics will you! That is something to be proud of.

"I make no apologies about it. The “U” is giving me a great opportunity, and I intend to pay it back someday!"

It grieves me that the people who I have never met have destroyed the reputation of my school. What is worse, the school officials who are named in the expose are all gone, and gainfully employed by other institutions doing business as usual. Meanwhile our new recruitment class is going to be left to bear the price of their crimes. It is a cruel system in the NCAA when you realize what other schools have gone through with one year suspensions suffered not by the students who committed the crimes, but by the high school kids who went to the school of their choice. Look to USC and other cases that have come up recently to see this is the dirty truth about the NCAA system.

One thing that keeps coming up in conversations in the media is the small minded language about Escalades. I for one am not impressed by an Escalade on our campus. Look to our Communications School parking lot for the simplest of explanations. It has a better selection of cars the “The Collection”, and could pass as a dealership of exotic cars in almost any city in the US other then Miami and Malibu.

The guilt that people are trying to put on the “run of the mill” student has now by my own choice run off my back like “water off a ducks back.” When my fellow students are unpaid interns and need to borrow money for a soda for a week, yet they are driving a BMW 7 Series. Seeing a football player, if I actually knew one, driving an Escalade would not even register on my “hmm that’s fishy” meter. So don’t blame the student body Mr. ESPN commentator, and Michigan fan Yahoo Sports writer.

Time to get real people, we have classes in a week, Canefest coming up, and we have no time for the hate. It is time to get our ‘Canes gear on, buy those text books, and once again raise the academic standard of our great school. So turn off the TV, and for God’s sake shut off ESPN’s nauseating website with its continuous play videos trashing our school. We have work to do, grades to get, and if the NCAA will let us, maybe even watch some sports. Worst case scenario I hear we have a mean Quidditch team that the NCAA can’t touch. We have great new coaches who will clean these programs up, and some star recruits.

I make no apologies about it. The “U” is giving me a great opportunity, and I intend to pay it back someday!