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A candidate forum for Kirkwood council

A candidate forum for Kirkwood council -slide0
Damien Johnson

The League of Women held a candidate forum on Monday, March the 10th, 2014 for 4 Kirkwood City Council candidates for 3 seats: Jayson Thornton, Paul Ward, Bob Sear, and Timothy Griffin. All 3 seats are at large seats and voters choose the top 3. All 4 made and opening statement:

Griffin sited his experience as a reason for voters to elect him to council again. He mentioned that he spent 9 years on the council before. He said that economic development, weather be commercial or residential, will be an on going issue for the new council to deal with.

Sears said that he was born and raised in Kirkwood, in the house that he grew up in and he was looking through his family photos the other day. He currently live the house he grew up in. He's end of his 1st term and seeking another term.

Ward said that his family always focused on the community as far back as I can remember. He mentioned that he was native Kirkwood as well.

Thornton mentioned that we worked as an accountant and we would bring his experience in accounting to the council. Throughout the forum he assured that he'll represent he constituents effectively. During the forum, Thornton argued that the council can't spend money on feel good project but items that enhance Kirkwood.

Just like I would advise a client, you have to spend your money on needs before you spend your money on feel good stuff.

When asked about what can be done to improve Meachon Park neighborhood.

Ward said that Kirkwood spent over $5 million dollars improving kirkwood including improving streets by placing lights.

Griffin said that both voted overwhelming voted for annex. The initiative to annex was a grassroots effort. Griffin also pointed out that Meachon Park redevelopment wouldn't happened without a TIF.

The election will taking place on April 8th 2014.

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