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A call to arms to the children of God

Kingdom warriors-Knights of the Heavenly Realm Ephesians 6
Kingdom warriors-Knights of the Heavenly Realm Ephesians 6
Bill Oliver?

What is a Warrior?--“I do not love the bright sword for it's sharpness, nor the arrow for it's swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend”
--JRR Tolkien

And yet we are not merely defending what we love, but aggressively advancing the Kingdom of God, fighting not against human opposition but the demonic principalities and powers who are not willing to easily relinquish their reign on the Planet Earth which the Lord God in the beginning gave to man to reign over and have dominion but which rule Adam relinquished in the Fall. Yet, the Lord Jesus Christ,as the Last Adam, through His death on the Cross and Resurrection restored the right of the New Man under Jesus, the Son of Man to be restored as the Rightful Heir and Governor of the Planet. For in conquering sin, hell, death and satan on the Cross, He stripped our real enemy of all power and authority to maintain his reign and restored the New Man's legal right and authority to rule and reign with Christ the Messiah over the Creation.

Now as the born-again Sons and Daughters of the Living God, our Lord Jesus has not merely saved us to ride to Heaven on cloudy cushions of ease, but has now reserved us for a special assignment to go out into all the world, set the captives of Satan's Kingdom free by declaring and demonstrating in power the Kingdom of God while enforcing Christ's victory over satan and serve His eviction to that ancient foe, his minions and reclaim his usurped and stolen reign over Planet Earth up unto the second heavens.

Therefore, put on your armor my friends, my brothers and sisters. Take up the sword of the Spirit. . For this is the day of battle and we must not sleep in the time of war. For as the prophet Isaiah declared this is a time that great darkness is coming upon the Earth and its inhabitants. But we are not to fear, for not only has Messiah Jesus already won the battle which victory we simply enter into by faith( I John 5:4-5, I Tim 6:12). But as the darkness increases, the Light of God's glory will only increase in brightness upon God's people. And in that darkness the nations of the world and their kings will come to the God's people, drawn to the Light of His glory upon us. (Isaiah 60).

Sadly much of the church sleeps now, but Jesus the one who loves us will awaken us in His love and glory (Song of Solomon, Isa 60:1-2+) to Who God is and who we are in Him, what He has given us (our inheritance in Him and an open Heaven) and what we are then responsible to do by grace-to establish His Kingdom and reign upon the earth (Matt 6:10, Matt 16:15-19, Luke 10:19, Matt 28:18-20). Then awakened and transformed by Him we will be unstoppable in being History Makers and World Changers for His Kingdom in this climax of history and the end of this age. And Christ shall reign forever and ever-and we with Him.

Shalom and blessings my fellow warriors and lovers of God and mankind, Van.

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