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A California woman has an obsession with transforming herself into a Barbie doll

The Daily Mail reports a story about Blondie Bennett, 38, a California woman with an unusual fetish for Barbie dolls. She says she is obsessed with transforming herself into a real-life Barbie, or at least her own view of a human Barbie. The article states that Bennett is trying to make herself stupid so she can complete a full transformation into Barbie.

Blondie Bennett, 38, has an unusual obsession with Barbie dolls.
The Daily News website

Bennett says she attends hypnotherapy sessions to make herself “brainless.” She says the sessions make her feel more confused and vacant.

She has spent thousands on five breast enlargement surgeries to enlarge her breasts to a size 32JJ. She supports her lifestyle by marketing photos of herself on the Internet dressed like Barbie. To keep her Barbie-like appearance, she keeps a tanned appearance and uses lip fillers and Botox.

She says she became obsessed with Barbie as a young girl and even worked promotional jobs at toy stores pretending to be Barbie. Based on this strange story, readers may think that Bennett’s hypnotherapy sessions are paying off.

To follow Bennett’s transformation into Barbie, visit the Daily News website for all the strange details.

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