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A.C.T. Affirmation Correction Technique

The A.C.T. Affirmation Correction Technique is safe and uses a persons' own energy field for information.

Stress is a symptom of overwhelm. The body holds stress in layers. Each one stacks up higher and higher and with greater damage to our chemical, emotional and structural systems of our body. As we reach the top of the triangle, the intensity and damage to our bodies, mind and spirit soon become more difficult to prevent. How can we cope with our daily lives nowadays and stay on top of the various levels of stress?

Jim Manalisay, one of the Co-Founders of A.C.T., studied with Dr. Richard Fox, the creator of this new technique. Dr. Fox followed Dr. Scott Walker's work, called N. E. T. - Neuro-Emotional Technique.

Fox considered how N.E.T. was done and would basically say a prayer instead. The prayer is more of an affirmation or a command to tell your energy or your DNA intelligence to change or "forgive and release". That simple affirmation had profound success and exponential results with patients with allergies, pain, digestive upset and fatigue when the spine was activated. Larger issues like depression, infections, bad habits, O.C.D., cancer or other failures of organs, also improve.

With our discovery of A.C.T. we not only reprogram self limiting beliefs, we can instantly repair chronic health imbalances people get under stress. In our seminar and consulting materials, we educate on how to understand different personality types, the 25 Body Types and Element personalities. Our formulas for success go far beyond coaching, motivational speaking or philosophies, A.C.T. works in seconds for permanent results

Now we are designing A.C.T. protocols which even address "healing crisis" which is when the body is gets tired from doing repairs on itself. Dr. Fox explains that under energetic work, the body systems, nerves, glad and organs can even have trouble sending signals and communication correctly. Our next protocols involve helping the body and energy system flow smoothly and effectively. We also aim to improve IQ and Codon function in the DNA next.

We have seminar kits which explain in detail how to test for stress, allergies, digestive upset and more. These kits also contain the A.C.T. Protocols which are designed to address the imbalances which then lead to illness. Some of our kits are tailored to help understand yourself and others by discovery of facial and body characteristics which are predicable with certain BodyTypes or Elements. For more information, contact us at:

Jim Manalisay, C.T.A.
Certified Meridian Trauma and Allergy - Co-founder of A.C.T.

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