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A.C.E. Mart

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The father and son project is to launch the first A.C.E. Mart (America's Coin-operated Express Mart) which transforms the local convenient store shopping experience into a completely self-service, low price retail environment, loitering welcome! Combining vending machines that stock 200+ different items including hot food, sandwiches, drinks, grocery items, Ice cream, cold food (storing the perishables at a frosty 35 degrees F) and even milk, along with a mini arcade with pool tables and seating. Further household and personal items from toothpaste to socks and t-shirts, pack the retail earning power of a mini-mart into 1/10 of the floor space and eliminate cashier labor costs.With convenience stores reporting a shortage of labor, and consumers complaining of high convenience store prices, don't be surprised if an ACE Mart opens on your block sometime soon. Further ACE Mart will incorporate multiple coin operated conveniences such as an ATM, DVD Rental machine and local newspaper machines. It's got a laundry mat and pool tables.

The idea of an automated store such as ACE Mart is not necessarily a new one, automated convenience stores or multipurpose vending machine venues are already operating in Japan, Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries where labor is expensive and real estate is scarce. Similarly in America, the Automat, a waiter-less establishment offering a combination of fast-food, vending and cafeteria-style eateries grew tothe world’s largest restaurant chain, serving 800,000 people a day. These restaurants, with their chrome-and-glass coin-operated machines, brought high-tech, inexpensive eating to a low-tech era. Making their debut in Philadelphia in 1902, they lasted into the 1970s, the last of which were replaced with Burger King franchises.

Perks include post cards, putting your name on the store and being a part of a mini- mart!