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A bunny to cuddle after Easter morning, Cloud b Bubbly Bunny

On Easter morning, the Easter bunny hops to bring little children a present or two. While candy may disappear in a few quick bites, a soft, cuddly friend can bring hours of fun. The Cloud b Bubbly Bunny is a furry friend that will be around long after the Easter baskets are put away.

A bunny in the basket, Could b Bubbly Bunny
Cloud b
Cloud b Bubbly Bunny, an Easter basket favorite
Cloud b

Cloud b Bubbly Bunny is a soft, furry friend that will help children drift to dreamland with soothing sounds. Either on the nightstand near her pillow or attached to a crib, the four soothing sounds can make transition from playtime to sleep-time easy. With a dual time sleep timer, parents can control when the sounds fade away into a more quiet, resting time.

The Cloud b Bubbly Bunny offers four sound options. These sounds are friendly giggles, soothing winds, ocean waves and a gentle lullaby. From calming winds to relaxing ocean waves, the bedtime battle will drift away in a matter of moments.

For the families who travel, the Cloud b Bubbly Bunny is a perfect companion. When the airplane gets too crowded or the car ride becomes too long, the Bubbly Bunny can comfort a child. Snuggling with a soft friend can calm the frazzled nerves. Plus, the soothing sounds can be the comfort of home in an unusual place.

Cloud b Bubbly Bunny retails for approximately $29.99. It is suitable for all ages.

Cloud b offers a variety of plush friends that soothe children into a better night sleep. For the complete list of products, please visit

This Easter have the bunny leave a friend behind in the basket. The Cloud b Bubbly Bunny is ready to hop into your family today.

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