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A Brown House: pretty faces, good sausage

Delicious bratwurst patties are available from A Brown house Meat.
Delicious bratwurst patties are available from A Brown house Meat.
Courtesy of A Brown House Meat

The weather this summer has been very mild, and the grillmasters among us must have been very busy. You can't make excuses when the weather is gorgeous, so you're probably keeping your favorite tongs and spatula at the ready. But if that means you need a new idea, let us introduce you to one of the more unique products found at area farmers' markets: bratwurst patties from A Brown House Meat.

The patties are a great way to enjoy the flavors of bratwurst, and come highly recommended. Found on Saturday mornings at the Montgomery Farmers' Market, A Brown House Meat consists of Abigail, Nate, and Cooper Brown. Cooper is a growing boy, nearly a year old, but he still doesn't take on too much responsibility around the market stand. He is usually in attendance, though. A recent Saturday found Abigail manning the stand, and Nate keeping Cooper entertained while strapped to Nate's chest.

"We joke that we serve as simply the 'pretty faces' of the operation," said Abigail. If that's the case, Cooper is a full partner. But let's explain.

The meat sold by A Brown House comes from Maken Bacon Farm, located outside Marion in Wyandot County, about fifty miles north of Columbus. This is the family farm, and childhood home, of Nate Brown. Founded by Hoover Brown in 1951, the farm is currently owned by Nate's dad, Randy, and uncle, Tom, and managed by brother Kyle. With a name like Maken Bacon, you'd probably guess the main product there is pork, and you'd be right. They also grow the corn and soybeans they use as feed for their hogs on the farm, along with wheat.

The couple met at Taste of Cincinnati in 2008, when Abigail was touring with a marketing company promoting pork as "The Other White Meat". Since pork brought them together, and to express some other shared interests, they began selling A Brown House Meat at the Mason Farmers' Market in 2012. For 2014, however, they've moved to Montgomery. "We fell in love with the ambiance of the Montgomery Farmers Market - the coffee, baked goods, and especially the live music!", Abigail said.

In addition to the bratwurst patties, A Brown House sells a good, honest breakfast sausage in patties and links, seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and sage, as well as bacon, ground pork, and ground pork sausage. To complete the "good and honest" note, sausage from Maken Bacon Farm is donated to the Brown family's church home in Marion each year, and the proceeds of the sale of the sausage help send kids to camp in the summer.

Visit them at the market, or pick up A Brown House products at Butcher Bill's in Mason, or Pipkin's in Blue Ash.

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