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A broken family, a hopeful boy and a dog named 'Axel'

Axel and his boy
Axel and his boy
Fighting for Dawn

A non-profit rescue agency in Atlanta, Ga., is doing all that they can to help an ailing dog and the young boy who wants to call him his own.

Fighting for Dawn is raising funds for a three-year-old Yorkie-poo named "Axel," who needs to have ear canal ablation performed on both of his ears. Axel was first discovered at the Dekalb Animal Control by a boy whose family recently was torn apart by divorce.

From the moment the boy saw the little dog, it was love at first sight and he told his mom, "this is my dog."

Unfortunately, the boy's dreams were shattered when Axel went to the veterinarian to be neutered and his serious ear problems were discovered. The boy's mom was informed that it would cost a staggering $6,000 for the surgery to be completed - it was a cost that she was unable to take on.

For a time - all seemed to be lost. The mother informed her son that his dream dog would not be coming home, and the dog in need remained at the animal control facility without a family, or the veterinary care that he needed.

Through a friend, the family was put in touch with the rescue agency, Fighting for Dawn, and the mother relayed her traumatic story about a best friend found, and then lost.

Amazingly, shortly thereafter, the Dekalb Animal Control reached out to one of the rescue volunteers - it did not take long for the woman who had heard the family's story to put two and two together and she realized that the dog in need of help at the animal control was the same dog that the boy had hoped to adopt.

Plans were put into motion to get Axel to the veterinarian for his surgery, and to make sure that the boy's family would be Axel's new guardians.

The rescue agency shared the first precious moments when Axel and the boy were reunited:

When they first drove into the family's neighborhood with Axel, he sat up and whimepered and danced with excitement. It was as if he knew he was going home. When Denise and Hannah got to the home, the young boy at first didn't recognize Axel. Afterall, he had been told he wouldn't be getting Axel. Axel had been shaved down due to matting and looked completely different. The dog, however, knew his boy. Once the boy was told it was Axel, he looked like he was in shock. He didn't understand. Denise handed him the leash and he stared at her. She explained that she was going to fix Axel and he was now his dog. The smile that crossed his face was contagious. It was pure love.

Fighting for Dawn is still trying to raise all of the funds for Axel's surgeries - unfortunately, they have not yet reached half of the goal.

Anyone who would like to take part in making this family's dream a reality, can click here to read more about ways to help. For those people who prefer to make a donation only to the veterinary clinic: Lake City Animal Hospital is more than happy to take direct donations (please refer to Axel and Fighting for Dawn) phone (770) 927-7899.

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