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A brief look at the Almas, the Mongolian Ape Man

Almas means wild-man in the Mongolian language. The Almas is simply like a yeti, it's a half man, half ape creature. The creatures are said to dwell in the Altai Mountains, which is located in Western Mongolia. They are also said to located in the Tien Shan Mountains.

The earliest known record of the Almas was recorded by a nobleman, Hans Shiltberger. In the 1420s, he recorded of seeing a race that were "covered in hair, except their hands and face were free of hair." In the late 18th century, the Almas were written about in a Mongolian book of Natural History.

In the 1930s, more research and study was conducted to find out more about these ape creatures. There were many Russian and Mongolian scholars that published accounts of the Almas. With what has been written about them, they have been since described as being around five feet tall, prominent eyebrows, and a receding chin. There eating habits have been written about too, they live off of small mammals, and on plants. Some have gone as far as calling them a prehistoric tribe.

Y. Rinchen, Boris Porschev, and Dordji Meiren, are just names of scholars who've written about these ape-like creatures. Merien even have claimed that he saw one!

So the Almas is just another cryptic creature that one either believes its possible or just knows that it's not even possible.


Unexplained!: Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences & Puzzling Physical Phenomena by Jerome Clark

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