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A brief look at modeling photographer: Lexy Jo

A small collection of Lexy Jo's pictorial that appeared in Snap Matter #6.  Photography by Lee Baxley.
A small collection of Lexy Jo's pictorial that appeared in Snap Matter #6. Photography by Lee Baxley.
Lee Baxley

Not only is this stunner from Virginia Beach a modeling force in front of the camera, she is also an amazingly talented photographer. I was fortunate to meet Lexy Jo a few years ago during a casting call for swimsuit images. She had submitted some of her photos (from behind the lens) for inclusion into Snap Matter Magazine (based and published in Sacramento, CA). It wasn’t until I browsed through her portfolio on Facebook that I realized she was keeping a secret from us. Not intentionally, I'm sure, but a secret I was very glad to uncover. I discovered that this talented tog was quite photogenic in front of the camera.

Modeling photographer: Lexy Jo
Lee Baxley

I found myself gawking at most of her modeling work in disbelief. I asked her if she would consider submitting some of her modeling work in addition to her work behind the camera; she gladly obliged. She then enlisted the services of photographer Lee Baxley, who was responsible for most her existing photos in her online modeling portfolio (at the time), to put together a series of photos worthy of a pictorial. He made this five foot, one inch, leggy beauty look intensely alluring. So I was honored for him to shoot her again for this pictorial which appeared in Snap Matter Magazine #6.

It is very obvious that Lexy Jo is quite passionate about photography, and she has been modeling since the age of nine years old. “Growing up my twin sister and I would teach girls how to dress and do their makeup!” She says. “After teaching them, we would just mess around modeling and I would take their pictures! This led me to my full time job, a photographer! Of course, I couldn’t give up being in front of the camera as I love it, but I think being on both sides of the camera helps me connect with my clients!”

I do believe I heard her mention the word “twin.” My goodness! The surprises just keep on coming!

Be sure to check out the slide show to see Lee Baxley's photos of Lexy Jo.

See Lexy Jo's photography work on Facebook here:

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