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A brief history on the Punch-Out!! series

When Nintendo announced last week that Little Mac, star of the Punch-Out series, is going to be in the next Smash Bros, this writer thought it was time to discuss the series’ history. This month actually marks Punch-Out’s 30th Anniversary since its initial release in arcades in February of 1984. There are two arcade titles, three console games, and a spin-off arcade title called Arm Wrestling, which was coincidentally Nintendo’s last arcade game that they made.

This is the box art for MTPO.
This is the box art for MTPO.

Punch-Out has stayed somewhat relevant thanks to re-releases on Nintendo’s various Virtual Console platforms along with fan projects and videos. However, Nintendo needs to step up its game for Punch-Out’s 30th. The last game was for the Wii in 2009 for crying out loud. How about a proper sequel, or even a HD re-release for the 3DS, or the Wii U?

To those that have never played a Punch-Out and to the fans out there, watch this brief retrospective video on the series. Perhaps Nintendo will be inspired by it to release something new. Come on Nintendo; don’t let your Punch-Out fans down.

For more videos like the Punch-Out retrospective, watch them on ReActionExaminer’s YouTube Channel.