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A brief history of KY Derby hats with Lady Diane Hats

Diane Siverson of Lady Diane Diane Hats/
Diane Siverson of Lady Diane Diane Hats/

The Kentucky Derby is almost here and you know what that means! Time to get your Kentucky Derby hat on! Every year thousands of people flock to Churchill Downs to not only watch the most exciting two minutes in sports entertainment but also to wear the mot outlandish hat possible and standing out from the crowd. Part Mardi Gras and part high society, the hats to be seen are just as exciting as the race itself.

Diane Siverson of Lady Diane Hats

Wearing a hat to the Kentucky Derby is said to bring good luck and was a trend started by women that goes back to a time when the Kentucky Derby was fashioned after the Epsom race in England. Then in the 1900s, women were finally coming into their own right and embraced the art of millinery thus created a movement of enormous hats that were embellished with feathers, silk flowers, waxed satin ribbon and tulle thus bringing in many of the elaborate detailing we see in Derby hats today. Also women of the south never allowed themselves to be tanned by the sun so it was the obvious solution to wear a big hat or even to carry a parasol to prevent any sun touching their skin on such events outdoors. Generally speaking women tend to wear wide brimmed hats to the event but with the much celebrated wedding of Prince Henry to Lady Kate, fascinators have become just as fashionable to wear as well.

Lady Diane Hats in Coeur d'Alene, ID, has made a name for themselves in the KY Derby hat industry. In their 11th year of creating hats for the event, owner Diane Siverson takes great in creating some of the most amazing hats you can find. With her special talent of being able to match colors, dyes and blend even from memory, you can rest assure that you'll be getting the KY Derby hat of your dreams.

In a conversation with Diane of Lady Diane Hats, you might think that she's seen/heard it all when it comes to KY Derby hat creations but surprisingly enough many women come in and need to be coxed into more embellishments to make their accessory stand out in the crowd. Her hats are made of dupoini silk, (a crisp fabric similar to shantung but heavier) and many of her embellishments are made to suit the hat including flowers and feathers. She's not afraid to give you the hat of you've always imagined including the wildly colored hand adorned with ostrich feathers you've always desired.

With fascinators becoming wildly popular, Lady Diane Hats also creates stunning fascinators. Enter their second year created them, Diane states that she has seen a surgent in fascinators this year. Her fascinators are made with a rubberized comb that grips the hair and a small string that wraps around the ear to keep it in place ensuring that even the most elaborate fascinator in the strongest wind won't budge at all. Just ask the newscaster who wore her fascinator last year in high winds without a fashion malfunction last year!

Currently Lady Diane Hats is still taking orders for KY Derby hats and fascinators until Tuesday, April 29. Orders received by April 29 will be overnighted to your hotel in Louisville, KY and be there waiting for you. For more information about Lady Diane Hats or to try on some of their KY Derby hats with their virtual hat companion visit their site at

Just in case you're wondering which comes first the hat or the dress, Diane believes that the dress should come first! It's easier to match a dress to a hat than the other way around. Now you know ladies!

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