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A brief guide to neocapitalist success

Do you think you have what it takes to flourish in Corporate America over the long term? Do you want to be both a successful businessperson and a responsible, worthwhile citizen at the same time? If so, keep these things at the front of your mind.

  1. Companies that focus on providing the best possible solutions to their customers, all day every day, are generally the most successful at doing what the company owners expect them to do – make money. Placing customers behind quarterly earnings results doesn’t work. Seriously. Ask Jeff Bezos.
  2. Integrity at every level and in every function of an organization is not only possible; it’s preferable. Lying to customers, lying to shareholders and employees, lying to the government … they all bring bad consequences – even to a genius like Bernie Madoff.
  3. People are not as easily fooled as you might think. Customers, especially, are wary by nature and quick to catch on, and they will punish you ruthlessly in the open marketplace.
  4. Teams that consistently work together to achieve worthwhile goals in creative (and ethical!) ways are the nirvana of business success formulas. But when the goals are set astronomically high, and intense pressure is applied to achieve the ridiculous, the result is often both counterproductive and unethical – and morale plummets.
  5. Greed and hyper-selfishness are anathema to great leadership. Those traits are also difficult to conceal, though there are a few charismatic charlatans who have pulled it off for quite a while. If your employees know you don’t care about them, the only tool you have to motivate them is fear.

You do NOT have to sell your soul to be successful in business. Hard work, customer focus, honesty, and true leadership are the real keys, and if you master them, not only will you have financial success … you’ll truly be happy.


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