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A brief glimpse from the Sculpture Objects and Functional Art Fair 2010

SOFA at Festival Hall, Navy Pier, Chicago IL
SOFA at Festival Hall, Navy Pier, Chicago IL
J. Kronika

Sofa debuted at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in 1994. The exposition’s clients include museums, art advisors, interior designers, architects, and new/seasoned collectors in the region. Distinct in offering three-dimensional artworks that cross the boundaries of fine art, decorative art and design, and an elite selection of international dealers; SOFA has the longest continuous run time for a show of this kind in the Chicago area.

Eileen Chambers, the Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Carol Fox & Associates, the public relations group which handles promotions for The Art Fair Company said “our weekend attendance was more than 30,000 at SOFA CHICAGO/Intuit Show of Folk and Outsider Art.”

Watch this examiner for more from the Fair. Coming soon: artist interviews, special exhibit reviews, and more.