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A brief encounter with employment

Last month I wandered back into the world of cubicles and corporate design - but only temporarily. I was filling in as a "freelance on-site" designer at a small toy manufacturer here in New England. I say small only because they produce a rather exclusive line of products.

Upon being asked to work on-site I accepted that I would have to completely change my much-loved routine of beginning my day by vertically checking email, Twitter, alerts, calendars, etc (re: while still in bed). I would actually have to do all of that while getting ready, packing a lunch, warming up the car for the 15 mile commute, combing through my Twitter feed and retweeting a couple of juicy links before heading out into the frozen morning.

This break in routine threw me off from the very first day, but I managed to get through it all month. Between a variety of projects spanning geek and creative, my days were spent pining away for my Twitter, Facebook, and email accounts for both of my business ventures. Not to mention all the glorious things my Foursquare "friends" were up to as they gallivanted around town drinking coffee, gobbling wi-fi, buying books, meeting up for lunch - all without me. I'm not saying I would be out carousing with them - but I was incensed with jealousy that they could and I couldn't.

I felt like a child forced to take a nap knowing darn well all the neighbor kids were outside playing and having fun.

All sarcasm aside, I discovered I'm not only an enthusiastic user of social media networks, but that I was actually missed! I kept having to apologize that was out of commission for a little while, and that I'd be back on the radar come February.

Couldn't have survived it without...
Two things I really could not have lived without during my near absence, HootSuite and Wordpress. My second-favorite Twitter dashboard, Hootsuite, allowed me to schedule tweets which I painstakingly culled after hours and on weekends. Both of my websites, this one and, feature blogs whose posts can be scheduled for release. Granted I didn't blog very much while working full-time, when I did I was able to keep a normal schedule of post times, rather than at midnight when posts were usually ready.

My odyssey back into the 9-5 working world was a change of pace, but not one I'm eager to endure again. Although I met some great people and have some great new connections, I discovered I really am happy with the freelance lifestyle I have carved out for myself. I'm so much more productive, and more importantly - happy.

I firmly proclaim that "freelance on-site" is an oxymoron. So happy to be back in the freelance saddle again!

Image credit: g.originals on Flickr


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