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A bridge too many

The whole truth and nothing but the truth?
The whole truth and nothing but the truth?
Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The R’s think they’re going to win the 2014 elections. They think they’re going to keep the House of Representatives. They think they’re going to take over the Senate. They believe that they will, at the very least, they will force President Obama to become a lame duck for the last two years of his term. At best, they think they’ll force their own right wing reactionary agenda on the rest of the United States.

They really believe this.

Of course, it is possible that one or two monkey wrenches have been thrown in to the fine works by which they’ve calculated this rosy outcome. A bridge seems to have become involved, for instance. And it’s very possible that one of the former leading lights of the Republican Party could be in prison by the end of the year. Plus, it does seem that Republican men can’t stop themselves from talking about women’s lady parts.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has had some traffic problems lately. Or he’s caused some traffic problems. The George Washington Bridge…the busiest bridge in the world…had three of its lanes closed from New Jersey to New York for the better part of a week in September ostensibly because the Mayor of Fort Lee…whence the bridge starts…declined to endorse the governor for reelection. In other mayor news, it would seem the Mayor of Hoboken was denied Hurricane Sandy aid because she declined to approve a redevelopment project the governor had an interest in. And all of this is going to be playing out for a long time because Governor Christie is one of the R’s leading candidates for President in 2016.

The R’s governor problems don’t end there. Former Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia…the original Governor Ultrasound, but we’ll get to that later…was indicted for corruption…fourteen separate counts of taking things he shouldn’t have for doing things he shouldn’t have. That case should be coming to trial right around election time. Such timing!

And then there’s former Governor Mike Huckabee, who seems to think women want government help to control their libidos by providing them with free contraception. Ignoring the fact that this represents a basic lack of understanding how birth control works…are you listening, Rush Limbaugh? is one more sign that the R’s simply have no conception of how to talk to women or about women or for women. Women have already been treated to the sight of Republican men…usually fat and old…telling them that the health services they’ve depended on for years will be taken away in service to the religious right’s fanatical anti-abortion stance. Now they have to listen to a former Republican governor…also old and fat…say he’s protecting them from becoming whores.

On top of everything else, R’s in Congress are now talking about shutting down the government again. Won’t that be fun? It worked out so well for them last time.

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