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A Brides Beauty Tips

Planning a wedding requires a lot of specific details and sometimes things get left off of your "to do list" simply because they are an after thought. Here is a list of 16 things that should be added on to your list of already too many things to do that will come in handy!

1. Start to schedule manicures weekly or every other two weeks. This will give you an opportunity to experiment with the many different colors of mauves and pinks. You should also have your nails shaped to match your nail bed so that you will have a balanced elegant look to your hands and nails.

2. Start to whiten your teeth for all those beautiful pictures that you will be taking. You can use a whitening tooth paste or white strips and most important stay away from things that will stain your teeth. Be careful not to over do your whitening treatments because it will wear down the enamel making your teeth extremely sensitive to hot and cold foods and will look too prominent in a picture. So use them carefully.

3. Three months before your wedding start getting facials. A facial will boost your skins health giving it a clearer and brighter natural look.

4. Eat Healthy! Stay away from sugar, a lot of sodium, and processed food because they lead to belly fat and bloating. Carbohydrates, fried foods and alcohol will make your skin puffy and dry. You should focus on green vegetables, fruits and water.

5. Start to work out regularly. Working out will keep your body tight and firm while detoxing and giving you more energy to get things done.

6. Lift weights. This is not to bulk up but simply to tone the flab under your arms. We all have that issue when we wear strapless gowns and lifting small weights will help tighten it up.

7. Prepare a beauty bag! This is a bag of essentials to fix any unplanned emergencies, accidents and mishaps. You should start adding items to your beauty bag as you work out the details of the wedding, it should contain everything from make up to an extra pair of panties. This bag should be for you and let your bridal party know that they should have one too.

8. Start to have your eye brows shaped. Six months prior to your wedding date you should begin to have your eyebrows shaped by a professional. Your sessions should be every three to four weeks leaving your last session one month before the wedding.

9. Have a test run! You need to try on everything down to your under garments you intend to wear. You need to try on your make up and have your photographer take a few test pictures to see how it looks in multiple lights so you will know if you need to tone it down or add more. You need to move around in your bra to make sure that it is very supportive and stays in place under your dress. You also need to make sure that you either have enough jewelry or that if you have to much you can remove it. A test run is essential to ensure that everything looks and functions the way that it is suppose to. Make sure that you walk outside in your shoes so that they are not too slippery on your wedding day.

10. Focus on your lips. Start to put a generous amount of lip balm or Vaseline on your lips every night before bed to exfoliate and soften them.

11. Get longer lashes. Apply half lashes in the corner of your eyes for a romantic look. Longer lashes will enhance the shape of your eyes and focus all attention on you.

12. Get smooth skin. Purchase a body scrub to use in the shower to get rid of dead skin, then moisturize with a good almond butter or Shea butter lotion. You can also get a full body scrub at a salon for smooth skin all over. Go for a sugar scrub to get a soft and sweet smelling finish.

13. Soften your hands. Begin to soak your hands in extra virgin olive oil for five to ten minutes every night.

14. Create a hair plan. Talk with your hair stylist to create a hair plan for your hair. Talk about treatments, time tables, color and cuts. This is so that your hair can be prepared in order for it to look healthy, shiny and strong on your wedding day.

15. Plan your hair removal. Waxing helps to get rid of all the unwanted peach fuzz that lingers in all the wrong places. Schedule them in advance so that any irritation and redness is gone on your wedding day.

16. Tanning. Natural tans look best but be careful to not over tan or to get a sun burn. Be sure to use sunscreen!

These 16 things are ways to help relieve stress and prevent unexpected things. It helps to plan ahead and get the little things done rather than think about them too late.

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