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A breakdown of eBay's 2010 Summer Release Update

Tuesday eBay announced the changes that are part of 2010 Summer Seller Release that will go into effect starting late July, September and next April.

In this round of changes eBay is continuing to work towards making its site a safe place for buyers to shop.  To this end eBay will start factoring in the number of cases opened by buyers against a seller through either eBay's or PayPal's Buyer Protection Programs.  The percentage of a sellers sales that leads to a open case will impact his or her eligibility for Top Rated Seller and where his or her items surfaces in best match.

Sellers can now opt out of the automatic payment reminder eBay sends out to buyers.  This will be welcomed news to sellers who want to have their own communication flow with their buyers - especially for sellers who use a third party checkout system. 

Sellers will no longer be able to send out automatic Feedback reminders via Seller Manager or Seller Manager ProeBay will be taking care of this for sellers. 

The first round of enhancement to my messages will roll out in this update.  The changes will improve the security of communication including better documentation of communication between a buyer and a seller and anonymous email addresses to protect members email addresses, (sellers will have a buyers email address after a purchase is made). 

Featured First will be discontinued.

In an effort to make selling simpler and more profitable for sellers, eBay will be rolling out the following changes to their site:

eBay will be rolling out new tools for mass editing of listings on the site.  According to eBay the new tools will allow you to edit up to 5000 listings at one time.

Coming in July: when eBay uses a sellers images as a stock photo for a product on their site, the seller will be credited with 5 free subtitle listings upgrades.

eBay will also make it easier to "plug in" item specifics  - which will be required in most categories.  Clearly labeled and easy to locate item specifics can provide a better buying experience on the site.

There will also be some category updates in this release.

For more information on these changes read the announcement posted to the eBay announcement board by Dinesh Lathi at  The full details on the 2010 Summer Seller Update can be located at:

eBay staff will be answering questions on a special discussion board (located at: until 5pm CT time today. 

eBay is also holding a 90 minute Town Hall starting a 5:30 tonight - the topic of this town hall is the 2010 Summer Seller Release.

Interested person can also Take part in an upcoming webinar on Thursday, April 29 at 12:30pm and/or interested persons can listen to the archive of Tuesdays eBay radio show - where many eBay pinks answered listeners questions regarding the changes.


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