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A break-up phone number and - people don't wanna leave Minnesota

Colleen and Bradley show
Colleen and Bradley show

Colleen and Bradley (formerly Colleen and the Boys) had a woman call in about a "breakup number." The number leads everyone to a recording that plays a recorded male voice telling the person who called that they've been rejected. It also makes sure to taunt the caller, saying something like - they're probably anti-social, and something about unicorns came up. The voice goes on taunting the caller for a good 40 seconds, before demanding the caller doesn't ever bother the subject who gave the number "ever again." Yeah...

Then they had people call in to guess a word between a horse or cannabis (California chrome and Their reward... was truly something... "self-esteem points, an awkward hug, or a dash or pizzazz." What these were were basically a sound byte played back. Oh, what a generous show.

"Only nine percent of Minnesotans planned to move within the next 12 months." This was read out loud on the show. Colleen was hella proud. On the list of the states on the top of categories, starting with the highest wanting-to-move rates: Nevada, Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, etc. As the hosts wittingly noticed - if someone moves to Minnesota, they generally know what they're "getting themselves into." True?

Then Bradley gave Colleen a hard time over not knowing how to play rock-paper-scissors right and instructed her husband not to let her... watch RPS videos, sounded like that.

That's about the rundown of the show. Tune in to the show on 107.1 FM 12pm to 3pm Monday through Friday!