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A brand positioning example - here's an easy strategy for branding using repetition advertising.

Repetition Advertising is an easy, yet effective strategy to brand your company
Repetition Advertising is an easy, yet effective strategy to brand your company

We are constantly bombarded with advertising. Conservative estimates suggest the average American is exposed to well over 500 advertisements per day. It's no wonder repetition advertising works, because it's the only way any of us are even going to notice or remember your company. Here a short story about a local attorney that used this strategy to grab my attention.

A boring commute offers a great time for you to influence.
Most of us live within a relatively small bubble. Our home, our work, those friends and family that we see regularly, are all typically within a 25 mile radius. The majority of us working folks get to enjoy the wonders of rush hour traffic daily, and enjoy this time we get to spend with our fellow motorists. If you read that quickly, you may not have noticed I'm being quite facetious. I can't speak for everyone else but I'm sure I'm not alone when I say sometimes I wish we could just teleport to work in the morning.

Despite the drudgery that is rush hour traffic, this does present an opportunity for you to influence potential customers. Think about it, most of us dislike this drive so we're actually looking for something to take our mind off it—be it music, radio talk shows, and even company signs and billboards along our route.

I feel like I know you, because I see you every day.
Every day to work I would drive by this one particular billboard. It was for a personal injury lawyer. It would catch my eye because it was right at an intersection where I had to stop at the stop sign and do a right hand turn. So I had to see it every single day. It was red and tan with the lawyer's face smiling really big, along with her name, title of personal injury lawyer, phone number, and website. She was somewhat attractive, although not model gorgeous, and the billboard didn't have exciting graphics, offer a special promotion, or communicate any particular type of benefits—it just basically said "I'm here. I exist!" The interesting part is that I could easily remember her name and website address if you had asked me. For some reason I could just picture her face and remember.

Now I've never actually needed a personal injury lawyer, so I'm not 100% sure I would have called her in my time of need. I'm sure that I would've asked friends and family for recommendations first. But I can say with certainty one thing, that if I had no other prospects with whom to call on, she would definitely be in the running, despite all of the T.V. and print ads that I see regularly from her competitors. This is because she left the exact same billboard up, and I saw it at least twice a day for 5 days a week, for years. This instilled trust in me that she is here to stay, consistent, and always there. Plus she reminded me of this fact way more often than anybody else.

Repetition advertising used effectively.
A few years ago, I moved to a new location within the same city. I no longer drive by that billboard every day, and haven't for over a year and a half now. Now one day I had a friend in my car with me, and we're on our way to a local sports bar to hang out with some friends and watch a football game. As I pass through a local intersection I frequent I look up to see a new billboard. Guess who? Yep, it's our personal injury lawyer. She's back, and guess what? It's the exact same billboard design. Her smiling, phone number, web address. I instantly connect, and tell my buddy with excitement "Hey, I know her—I used to drive by her billboard every day!"

From here on out, she completely saturated me with her branding. She didn't just put the one new billboard up, she put up like five! Three of them are now part of my regular daily commute, with the other two in the neighboring cities that I pass through a couple of times a month. At first I thought, "Geez, Lady! Are you doing any other type of advertising?" But in all honesty, as both a consumer and a professional in the advertising industry, I can see her game plan and it's a good one. I could remember her before, now I can't forget her, even if I tried to!

Another thing I should mention is that before I knew she was a lawyer, but like I said, I haven't needed one so I didn't pay attention to what kind of lawyer she was. Now that I've been blasted by her exposure I now somehow remember "personal injury" in addition to her name and web address. Should I need a personal injury lawyer in the future I will undoubtedly see her billboard within 2 days and "remember" that she does that, and likely call her.

Repetition and consistency is key to branding.
The easiest way to be remembered by potential customers is with consistent repetition of your brand. Effective advertising is consistent advertising. Learn from the the lawyer's success. Her advertising must have been successful in order for her to eventually decide to multiply her efforts with this same strategy. While I first point out that billboard advertising can be an effective means of communication, the real point I want to drive home is that consistency with not only the branding aspect, but also consistency with the advertising medium are key to branding and advertising success. Take one from her notebook, and copy success.

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To our success,
Brian S. Holmes

Brian S. Holmes is the President/Creative Director for Effective Advertising Solutions LLC, an advertising agency/design firm. EAS is a small, personalized firm that helps small businesses become successful by working with any size advertising budget to make strategic decisions for how to position and brand the company, decide where they should advertise, design effective results-oriented advertisements, and help manage their marketing program. Check out his web site at


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