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A book that will help you understand The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark

Many people read the Bible, but few can say that they truly understand it. While it is good for someone to start reading the Holy Book on their own, it is even better if they also turn to books written by Christian writers who can offer them a frame of reference so that they can better understand and assimilate the word of God. ‘The Beginnings: The Gospel of Mark’ written by Cary Holbert is such a book. It is the first in a series of sixteen books, ‘He is Out of His Mind Devotional Series’, whose aim is to show people how to read and interpret one of the most important Gospels of the Bible. Each of these sixteen books will focus on a single chapter of the Gospel, thus explaining it properly and in great detail.

The author starts by offering information on the historical, religious, and social aspects of the period when the Gospel was written. All these aspects are important, because they help shed light on why and how this amazing book came to be. The readers will find out that the Gospel of Mark was written around 60-70 AD, in a time of great oppression. The Church of Rome was going through great struggles as the apostles Peter and Paul were awaiting martyrdom at the hands of the Roman Emperor Nero. This means that Mark offered hope to all Christians by starting to write about the arrival of God’s offspring.

At that time, the Gospel came as great news. Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah, was there and he was about to make unthinkable changes. Mark was able to bring evidence that this man was real and unique, and that his teachings needed to be followed. He urged the people to act immediately, because only their faith in God and his Son could save them from the difficult times they were living in. Even nowadays, the Gospel of Mark brings the same hope and peace to those who take the time to read it, study it, and understand it.

‘The Beginnings: The Gospel of Mark’ is written in an easy-to-understand way. Readers of all ages will be able to finally understand the message of the first chapter of the Gospel, as the author explains everything in detail, and doesn’t leave a single word out. This incredible book will be free on Amazon from May 15 to May 17, 2014, so make sure you grab your copy. Once you start reading it, you’ll want to continue with the other books in the series to fully understand the Gospel of Mark.

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