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A book that teaches children how to deal with anger


Even as grown-ups, we often realize that we are not quite sure how to deal with strong emotions, such as anger, sadness, or disappointment. Actually, sometimes we might not even be sure why we feel the way we do, so we first need to identify the cause and then try to deal with the problem. Now, imagine how difficult it must be for a child to cope with something as strong as anger when he/she cannot yet conceptualize what this feeling means and why it is so overwhelming. As parents, teachers, or counselors, it is our duty to help children understand these feelings and learn how to deal with them in a way that won’t be hurtful to them or those around them. Author and Mental Health Counselor Esther Adler brings a series of books that will make it easier for parents and teachers to discuss these strong feelings with the little ones in a fun and engaging way.

‘Angry: Helping Children Cope with Anger’ is the first book in the ColorFeelingTM series. Each book presents a feeling that is associated with a color and an animal character, so that children can better visualize what that particular emotion brings and how it can make them feel. For instance, in this first book, anger is associated with the color red. After this is established, on the following pages, the brightly colored illustrations and the simple, yet compelling story describe the physical changes anger may cause, so that kids would recognize it better. Then, the author gives a couple of situations that might make a child feel angry. At the end of the book, there are optional activities and worksheets on which children can work alone or in a group.

‘Angry: Helping Children Cope with Anger’ is the perfect choice for a group of younger children, because they can do the activities together. It is very healthy for them to discuss what makes them angry not only because they will learn more about themselves this way, but also because they can learn more about their peers and about how they should react when someone else gets angry. They will soon understand that the trick is to recognize anger, process it, and then find solutions to it.

Both parents and teachers will find ‘Angry: Helping Children Cope with Anger’ very helpful. The amazing illustrations will immediately get the children’s attention, and the fun story will lead them to a deep message that will stick with them and help them deal with any overwhelming situation. All the books in the ColorFeelingTM series are very well-thought and cleverly structured, so parents will probably want to have the whole collection for their children.